This Week In Bootlegs

jean yveslemoigne photos

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels imagination.” That Jarschmuch quote was sent to me by our shop manager Leo as I was sorting through stories of
a full shopping mall dedicated to bootleg brands opening in China. and Keith Haring’s Tribute Mural at Houston & Bowery coming under fire from his past “Silent Partner” LAII. You also have the direct copies of contemporary art being sold at street level outside the Moma by artist Eric Doeringer.
There’s alot of grey area when it comes to authenticity in creative work ,but when it comes to product the lines are more defined. Thank the stars for that easy distinction as the world becomes more flooded with bootleg product. In Korea, there’s three grades of knock off quality, with the highest price tier being indistinguishable from the real thing. But with the art & design community stylistic appropriation & mutation helps forward the field. When you make your influences your own , you get something like the genius of Jean Yves Lemoigne

Basement Show In The Gallery

jesse's records

Amazing album cover from Mickey Moonlight on Ed Banger. SoMe’s art direction is such large reason for the label’s success!

Sat in with Jesse from Apollo Sunshine for his early DJ gig at the Middlesex the othernight… hipped me to a Mickey Moonlight version of Sun Ra’s interplanetary music….

Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music from T.A.M. Corp. on Vimeo.

Jesse learned his way around the turntables from Edan the Humble Magnificent , who coincidentally just got his own radio show for download here. Odd thing about this city, Edan was Wire Magazine’s Hip Hop artist of 2005, but still didn’t have a following here…. Still the only emcee I’ve seen who could juggle two records with one hand and hold the mic & rhyme with the other hand (although I hear J-live can do it).

We bounced out to check the ICA Experiment with Dan Deacon. It was originally going to be outdoors, but the weather didn’t hold out. The video /perfomance by Ultimate Reality was really dope, but technical problems during Deacon’s set turned the show into a great big ball of suck Bostonist has a pretty good review of the soundsystem debacle and why it was ultimately big swindle.

  • Matthew Africa is giving away his Best of DJ Quik Mixtape here.
  • Got caught up with every album of 2008 by streaminghere. Heads were right about the fleet foxes album being aiiight.
  • Future superproducer Natural Curezjust posted some new tracks… Them arrangements need more tension & release!
  • The Selvedge Yard picks mid century design classics… Jens Risom’s prefabricated vacation house is a must have.
  • Our homie Jamie from Stones Throw records has brought in crazy talent to the summer sunday LA series the Do Over. Great live sets from PBW, Rhettmatic, Dam Funk, Adam12, Neil Armstrong, Nu-Mark , Mike B and Cosmo Baker all catalogued for downloading pleasure.
  • Free sticker printing!?
  • Hey Berlin, our friend Ivo Gretner has a solo show opening June 19th at PM Galerie.

New Work . Top Ten

nick z painting

images courtesy of Josh Falk

New work – also the name of a brilliant new line by A-ron – is up at the bodega – a mural by Nick Z whose 08 show with Kai Altoff was in art forum’s top 10 shows…. The mural coincides with Nick Z’s upcoming solo show at our gallery space - fourthwallproject . More on that closer to the opening on June 27th. Josh Falk, who’s flickr photos i pillaged above , just recently took down his solo show at the dope dope corduroy boutique in portland..

both Nick Z and Josh Falk are members of the uber talented crew Project SF which includes sooo many talented heads in the sneaker game.

Also, we made number 6 in the top 10 sneaker shops in the world.
#1 was UNDFTD!!! but I can’t believe they left Limited edition barcelona off the list…

The homeboy who wrote the article is working on an illustrated tribute to Sneaker Culture called “Sole Sketch Exhibition”. Hit him up at with suggestions for models that you’d like to see included in the exhibition.

Also, we somehow ended up in Wale’s video for chillin (ft. lady gaga)…. been getting steady burn on the tele , but I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. Was dope to talk with the director Chris Robinson about how he leveraged his directing work into hyping his robot films clothing line just by dropping logo tees into videos… I’m surprised we don’t see more Violette in Vashtie’s work….but the since I’m seeing it so she doesn’t even need to do that.

stuff i consumed

Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History Of American Hardcore Music – At Fourth Wall


The Fourth Wall Project is proud to announce the opening of Radio Silence / Selected Photography.   Compiled by authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo, Radio Silence documents the ignored space between the Ramones and Nirvana through the words and images of the pre-Internet era where this community built on do-it-yourself ethics thrived. Authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo have cataloged private collections of unseen images, personal letters, original artwork, and various ephemera from the hardcore scene circa 1978-1993. Unseen photos lay next to hand-made t-shirts and original artwork brought to life by the words of their creators and fans. Radio Silence includes over 500 images of unseen photographs, illustrations, rare records, t-shirts, and fanzines
presented in a manner that abandons the aesthetic clichés normally employed to depict the genre and lets the subject matter speak for itself. Contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels,
Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Peña, Rusty Moore, and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens.


Radio Silence is a selected visual history of American Hardcore Music. Compiled by authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo. The book is published by MTV Press and distributed by PowerHouse Books.

Mindfield Skate Video Premier At Fourth Wall Project

One night only!

The Spirit of ’68

children in jakarta celebrate obama's victory

The entire world celebrates a new day for America. Heads are popping champagne like we just won a championship ring. I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who voted in Massachusetts to eliminate dog racing in 2010 and no longer prosecute cannibus sativa as a criminal enterprise. And to those in Cali who had the opportunity to name a waste treatment facility in honor of George W Bush….damn, Cali gets to vote on everything!

I’ve been laid out with shingles/adult chicken pox since the Palin nomination for VP. Since that time, we’ve witnessed an entire change of consciousness of the American Electorate -all triggered by the collapse of Reaganomics and the Bush Doctrine. People everywhere in the states are discussing politics – a stark contrast from the previous 8 years, when it was safer to just bury your head in the sand, for better or worse. Things were just too ugly to deal with. But one of the cornerstone of strong democracy is debate amongst the electorate. That was a huge change and a revolution has begun.

The people have sided with Hope and rejected the politics of division and hate.

The world rejoices, and welcomes America back. I can go back to working towards better design for the world now that my nerves are settled.

Signs that Recession Has Hit Your Hood:

  • Bodegas raise the prices on quarter water to 35cent.
  • Quality of life crimes go unprosecuted – homeless aren’t harassed
  • There’s no money for the buff of graffiti.
  • Drug laws become more liberal

Jean Claude And Christo – Negotiation

the wall -gasometer

monolithic oil drum installation

jean claude & christo’s website

With Hirst circumventing the gallery and going straight to auction, Murakami going head first into luxury brand dissemination of work, and sneaker companies hiring every graffiti writer I know, today’s artist sees a conscious shift in how commerce interacts with 1) the work, and 2) the artist as BRAND 3)gallery as (home furnishing)store.

Two legendary artists who remain entirely outside of white walls that confine & confuse many(thanks a lot postmodernism & abstract shite) are Jean Claude & Christo. You’ve probably heard of their art. You may have walked through their gates in Central Park. But the historical scope & financial aspects of their ephemeral installations are the thing that escaped me until I heard them speak of their work at the ICA a few weeks ago.

All their artwork is SELF FUNDED and the realization of their projects reflects fundamental changes in politics & economics. Christo does the preparatory sketches for the project on the top floor of the same manhattan loft they’ve lived in since the 1960s- where a young Philip Glass installed their plumbing. They pay for the rental of the site, all the processing & legal fees & meetings for the project to be approved.. every last red cent. They sell the preparatory sketches to their benefactors to generate these funds, and give the world these giant installations.   This is where Wu-tang got their idea(maybe) to hustle the first run of 12″ for Protect ya Neck out the trunk until they could broker groundbreaking deals with multiple labels.

When i say that the works & their process reflect fundamental changes in politics & economics, it means that each single installation must win approval of the government & the landowners of its particular setting. When they wanted to wrap up the Reichstag, they had to convince German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder(as well as the entire structure below him) that their manifested daydream somehow made sense and would be a public good. Pragmatic politicians are notoriously hard to convince of the worth of art -especially abstracted giant public works. It took 9/11 and the election of Bloomberg to see the Gates in Central Park to fruition – a project that started in the late 1960′s. That scope of decades to execute art is lost in today’s immediate gratification culture, where trend cycles & public attention has diminished to a infinitely small point.

As artists, they perfectly meld modernism with social critique. As people, they are  pure in mind and purpose. We hold artists(and some designers bridge this gap as well) to be the dreamers of society and I am thankful to have learned from these two through the ICA. I just wanted to write something from a former skeptic who now believes fully in what they do. So is the transformative nature of art.

A couple more peculiarities:
They were born on the same day at the same time.
They only sign their work.
Jean Claude only became an artist out of love for Christo. Had he become a dentist, she would have become a dentist.
They only discuss their work and cannot comment on any other artist.
They allow others to help build these creations. You can sign up at their website.

Here’s a link to the Harvard Business School x ICA event I attended , which was the catalyst for my change in opinion.

Worst/Best Of All Time

freestyle, art of rhyme


I met the filmakers behind the excellent indie documentary Freestyle: the art of rhyme in 2002 when backpackers still had some semblance of record sales -Def Jux was laying down bladerunner beats topped with innovative eMCees(cold vein deserved 10 mics) and not yet an overstuffed roster of C- talent, soundbombing 2 was still fresh in memory, Dan the Automator was churning out diverse projects(w/ Mike Patton!?), Kid Koala was writing a book,…. before dilla became an above ground legend and heads were open enough for a label like anticon to have success.   

Kevin Fitzgerald (aka DJ Organic) had been filming and editing the project for 8-10years at this point and he was travelling the world screening one of the many final edits.   I helped him out with the Boston screening and I want to say Thank You for letting me assist in his amazing labor of love.

The Film’s centerpiece is the (arguably best)battle between Supernatural and Craig G at the now legendary Lyricists Lounge (video below, complete w/ Sir Bobbito intro).



I now present to you,  my pick for BOTH the BEST AND WORST Freestyle Battle of All time:


if you got through that,  here’s the remix


and the milli remix


spotted by Greg of MISHKA .  

Eli obviously has physical disability ( MC Envy says he “should stop rapping and stick to walking cripple”),  he falters  for a painful silence, but when the beat comes back in, he comes HARD with two of the best punchlines I’ve ever heard in a freestyle  - “You like Rosie Odonell at a bisexual bridal shower.”   That is tenacity – to come from so far behind, drop all your shit on the floor, entirely lose your flow and then just come back swinging with elbows and uppercuts until the opponent is dead.   That’s why this is the best freestyle battle of all time.  




Summit in Japan

crew deep

Went to Japan with FMK(viva viva), JSN, and Pres of Oh W.O.W. to holler at our Sapporo and Tokyo family.

Verbal of M-flow / teriyaki boyz served us cake.

We had a dance off with Exile

Finally Built a synthesizer and theremin

went disco bowling with Takayo of Yone’s camp and Thunderbirds

Yone found us the best sake in japan

Picked up a couple records

Found peace in the middle of chaos

Scared the crap out of the honeyee door guy

Made friends with underlings

Outdrank Oi punks from the erections

Back home safe, but jetlagged. Thank you Fumkia and Jsn and Sapporo Family, Takayo, Yone, Chie, Kojiro, JJ, Lin, Shinchi, and the rest of Japan.