Since Way Back: Bodega via GQ Magazine

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has been distilling for 400 years, give or take, so they know a little something about longevity, and commitment to a cause, right? Well, they’ve put together a campaign over the past couple years called “Since Way Back,” with the emphasis being on groups of buddies who have fostered both creative growth and success within the realms they operate in, all while managing to stay friends, and just generally kick collective ass at whatever they’ve touched. Simple enough, right? And this brotherhood of sorts, which began solely in New York, and has now expanded to Boston, and LA, has a few members who we at GQ think are pretty cool, so we chatted with them last week…

When we first got the Bodega team (Oliver Mak, Jay Gordon, and Dan Natola) on the phone, they had just biked down to the shop together, and they came in at staggered intervals huffing and puffing, much like what you’d expect from an average group of pals on an early fall day.

The GQ Eye: So you guys are buddies who have this amazing store concept, with the bodega, and the retail space, and then a gallery at Fenway Park, as well. This project seems like a good fit for you…”

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Bobby From Boston

Bobby From Boston: A Documentary from Lea Winkler on Vimeo.

A nice documentary about our local vintage god & friend – Bobby From Boston. He runs the best vintage shop in the US(Esquire Magazine), located right here in Boston on Thayer St. and pretty much taught us everything to know about classic menswear.

RedBull Emsee ’11

Red Bull is hosting their FREE eight city tour for ‘Emsee 2011‘ this Wednesday, October 5th in Boston.  This tour is designed to shed light on some of the best freestyle rappers in the country through a battle platform, where the talent is allowed by invitation only.  The event will be hosted by Bun B, with guest judges and performers Rakim, Pharoahe Monch, and Jean Grae.

Winners from each qualifier advance to the Atlanta, GA finals in November where they will face off for the national title in front of a panel of industry heavyweights. The last MC with a mic-in-hand will earn a trip to Los Angeles to record at Red Bull Studio with a headlining producer of their choice. Good Luck!

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam FW ’11

We picked up a new brand for this Fall…

Based out of NYC and manufactured in England, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam is a footwear company courtesy of veteran menswear designer Mark McNairy.  Mixing timeless silhouettes with present day fashion appeal, the brand manages to captivate fashion forward audiences of today. There are two legs that make up the line: Red Brick Soul and the New England Collection. Red Brick Soul is made up of saddle shoes, chukka boots, and loafers that all, of course, sit atop a brick red sole.  The New England Collection sports more dressed up silhouettes stemming from traditional English styling.

Libertine-Libertine SS ’12

Coming Spring 2012 …

Denmark-based, Libertine-Libertine, was founded during 2009 by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz, and Peter Munch Ovesen. The brand draws inspiration from Danish maritime tradition and roots in the skate culture. Offering subtle detailing across quality garments, Libertine-Libertine positions themself as a dapper premium goods manufacturer.

Motivated to create a brand based on existentialism, high quality and well-designed products, Libertine-Libertine strives to stimulate the creative soul without restrictions.

White Mountaineering SS ’12

Founded in 2006 by Yosuke Aizawa, White Mountaineering is a Japanese company whose work revolves around a concept as easy as: One, design. Two,utility. Three, technology. For Spring 2012 you can expect quality garments which beyond being aesthetically pleasing offer weather combating technologies. Staying dry appears to be the uniform goal for the season, with use of the waterproofing and moisture wicking technologies Pertex and eVent. More traditional waterproofing methods are also applied with waxing over lightweight herringbones and twills. Overall, the tribal influenced fabrics and patterns used standout on these technologically savvy garments.

Sperry FW ’11

Sperry, the original boat shoe brand, was established in 1935 by New England mariner Paul Sperry. Today, Sperry has evolved into one of the most well-known casual shoe brands, introducing many variations of the boat shoe silhouette and beyond. The Fall 2011 offering shares many commonalities with the increasingly popular work-wear aesthetic. Materials such as weathered leathers, premium suedes, waxed canvases, wools, and corduroys all get their fair share of play in this collection. Practicality is achieved through implementing higher cuts along with more rugged soles for effective use in the approaching brisk months.

Business Cards

Via We Are Supervision

Back in the 1970′s-80′s gangs were thriving, this was especially the case in large metro areas such as Chicago.  Chicagoan gangs apparently had a history of creating business cards citing preferred imagery, taglines, and member aliases.  Through the examples stumbled upon, the themes include gothic references, some skullz, and other hand drawn/print generated art.

Marshall Artist | Interview with Neil Maloney

Contemporary street fashion blog SLAMXHYPE recently hosted an interview with the creative director of one of our new favorite brands here at the shop: Neil Maloney from Marshall Artist.

SLAMXHYPE: What makes Marshall Artist unique compared to other brands?

Neil Maloney: I’d have to say the thing that sets us apart at a structural level is the size of our core team and where we’re based – 2 partners are based in Vietnam where they own the factory that not only makes Marshall Artist but a whole host of top brands including Penfield and Prada. I’m based in the UK where there is just me and my assistant at our studio. I go over to the factory in Vietnam at least 4 times a year where we have a fantastic team dedicated solely to Marshall Artist. It’s a designers dream to have a 400+ factory at his finger tips!

At a creative level I’d say the thing that sets us apart from other brands is the attention to deal and general quality of product versus the price brackets we sit in. I spend a lot of time (far too much!) researching construction methods and finishes and how we can reinvent them or make them relevant for a contemporary market and at the right price point. The end result is a well thought out garment that is functional and stylish.

SLAMXHYPE: What’s your background as Creative Director?

Neil Maloney: I started out in London in about ‘97 as a junior Art Director for a great agency at the time called Attik. We worked on fantastic projects for the likes of MTV, Nike, Sony, EMI, Adidas, Levi’s etc etc. Everything from music clips to print campaigns and everything in-between. I look back now and realise how lucky I was to walk out of art college and straight into what was probably the coolest studio in London at the time. I got into designing menswear in about 2001 and gradually moved from Art Direction into fashion and since 2004 I’ve pretty much just focused on designing menswear.

SLAMXHYPE: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Neil Maloney: The people around me and their environments. I grew up in Liverpool in the 80’s so the whole casual thing has always been a part of me. I love that genre of menswear. Not so much the full-on sportswear look but more the outdoor kind of brands that were cool back then, and still are now really. I think you can see that in my work for sure. I love traditional workwear as well – garments that will last longer than life time. There’s always something new to learn from old pieces you find on your travels. I’m an absolute jacket fanatic – I drive my wife crazy with the sheer volume of outerwear I hoard away at home!

SLAMXHYPE: What is most noteworthy about your brand?

Neil Maloney: Honesty and hard work across the board – From the factory floor to the showroom. I’d say we’re the most unpretentious bunch around.

Read the full interview in the following link.


The HONK! Festival is going down this weekend in Cambridge.  HONK! is best explained as a community wide street music endeavor “by the people, for the people, and of the people.”  The “no noise is illegal” motto encourages community members and festival attendees to participate and join in with instrumentation of their own, no matter the source.  The many bands in participation perform to celebrate institutions in which they are involved ranging from artist collectives and children’s workshops to homeless shelters.  Check the event schedule here.

The HONK! Festival is a grassroots, non-profit event made possible by the financial and in-kind support of a thousand local residents and businesses. For the duration of the Festival, more than 350 musicians will be housed by generous neighbors and friends and many local restaurants will generously provide food for the performers and volunteers. Scores of community members have donated hours of labor to make HONK! possible. Most significantly, none of the bands will be earning any money for the festival, and most will have only some of their travel expenses covered. The bands are inspired to travel great distances, at great personal expense, to joyously celebrate our hard work to reclaim public space—the world over—for all people. The bands long to connect in honor of our struggles for justice. We hope you will come, to connect and celebrate with us, and further the cause of freedom, justice and collective emancipation.-via

(Photo credits: Ben Greenberg)