Big Boi For Dummies

Along with Big Boi’s new album, Sir Lucious Left Foot… the Son of Chico Dusty, which comes out July 6, He’s dropped this mixtape to remind people of the understated genius from the past 20 years of his varied career.

Download it here for free!

And You can pre-order exclusive versions of Sir Lucious Left Foot… the Son of Chico Dusty, including a double vinyl and a custom GoodWood chain, here on the store.

Frank 151 Feature

Backpocket cool dude magazine Frank151 recently featured the shop in their Summer Fashion show issue. It’s an interview with Dan, and he gets into the origins, philosophy and current-whashappenings of Bodega.

Frank151: Tell us about the history of your store.
Bodega: Bodega this May will be four years old. Myself and my two other partners, Jay and Oliver, about five years ago we hated our jobs and wanted to pursue something that we had an interest in, which was niche market retailing. In Boston there was no store like this and we wanted to create a unique retail experience where the consumer could come in, find product that they wouldn’t find everywhere and just have a different and very eclectic experience compared to what is traditionally done. Our main goal was to have it operate off of word of mouth – we have no phone, no sign. We just kinda wanted to be like a speak-easy. The reason that we based it off a bodega is because traditionally, the bodega is the centre of the neighborhood, it also doubles as a social club or a weed spot, it’s multipurpose. So when we created the space, we wanted there to be a traditional bodega setting when you come in, and then in the back there’d be the secret retail area, you’d have that juxtaposition of spaces.

Read the rest here

Best Gallery Of Boston 2010

The Improper Bostonian just named us the Best Gallery of Boston for 2010! And our shop Bodega was also named Best Sneakers as well. Thank you to everyone who has helped over the past year – the honor comes as quite a shock as well as a humbling recognition of what we do. To the artists, volunteers, interns and everyone who has ever helped us – this award is because of you!

Bodega x Converse

Thanks to everyone that came out!

We The Best!

The Improper recently named Bodega Best of Boston for Sneakers !

And our gallery – Fourthwallproject Best Gallery of Boston! —-After just a year of operation. Many thanks!


Imagine that pile of junk you’ve been meaning to deal with turned into a life size anthropomorphic creature. That’s what four Boston based artists do. Dom, Meers, Col!n, and Luke O came from different studio practices but got together to create the artists collective !nd!v!duals. They salvage material – mostly wood- to create these fantastical creatures -from a Koala taking a picture with his cell phone or Anubis (the Egyptian jackal-headed god) contemplating a painting.  Their sculptures vary in size, but the fine detail and amazing craftsmanship is consistent throughout. So if you’re looking to let your inner child loose, check them out!

Dead Prez & DJ Drama – Revolutionary But Gangsta

Amazing Mixtape from Dead Prez for free download here.

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Let’s Get Free dropped?

The Press Release from

“Dead Prez Collaborates with DJ Drama to Release a Free Album for their 10 Year Anniversary

New York, NY (June 17, 2010)— Dead Prez will officially mark the 10th anniversary of their monumental debut album “Let’s Get Free” with the June 22nd release of Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4: Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz. A collaborative effort with southern mixtape DJ extraordinaire DJ Drama, the commemorative project will showcase dead prez take overs of current pop songs as well as new unreleased dead prez music. In celebratory fashion and representative of their debut title, the street album will be available in its entirety for FREE download exclusively on the Dead Prez website.

Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4 follows up to last year’s Vol. 3 Pulse of the People with Green Lantern. Embodying the hip-hop duo’s growth over the last decade, Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz is a result of the journey they have endured being signed to two major labels, touring globally, releasing solo projects, and launching their full multi-media brand Boss Up, Inc. M-1 and bring this refined perspective while still utilizing their traditional take over trademark of flipping mainstream hits as demonstrated with their first two leaks, which are spins on B.O.B’s “Nothing On You” and Drake’s “Far From Over”.

“We wanted to just capture that love for hip hop. To give the people something for the summer that we could let folks know we still here, we doing well and we still growing,” says Stic. “The hunger is there, the creativity is there, the flows are there, and the message is there. This is one of my favorite albums in the Turn off the Radio Series.”
Reflective of their journey, the project also pays homage to the same dead prez that emerged at dawn of the 21st Century on Loud Records, bringing a revolutionary political consciousness to mainstream hip-hop with songs like “I’m An African” and “Police State”. Their bold lyrics and style rapidly developed a stronghold that has kept them at the forefront and made them the go to political hip-hop group with an impact that has brought about work with Jay-Z, Dave Chapelle, Kanye West, presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, and countless other artists, academics, and political figures. They have inspired everyone from Nas to T.I. to Drake with their outspoken political audacity and knack for shedding light on life struggles.

Cremaster Cycle At Kendall Square

Starting this Friday June 25th until July 1st, Matthew Barney’s epic masterwork CREMASTER CYCLE will be playing at Kendall Square Cinema. Plus the premiere of a new film by Matthew Barney DE LAMA LÂMINA.

The acclaimed five-part CREMASTER CYCLE is an evocation of the creative process by sculptor and performance artist Matthew Barney. Although the five films were not created in chronological order, and each one comprises a completely realized work in itself, together and in numerical order they follow a geographical path from west to east and trace a metaphorical path toward fully developed form.

Barney’s celebrated CREMASTER CYCLE is not now, nor will it ever be, available to consumers on DVD. The only place it can be seen is on screen in theaters so don’t miss this rare occasion to see for yourself what the Detroit Free Press calls “A once in a lifetime experience”.

“Barney gives awesome expression to a singularly vivid imagination.” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times 2000

“Barney has, in fact, created one of the best artworks, best movies, and certainly the best hybrid of the two (including video art) I’ve seen in a year. I found myself riveted to the screen…” – Doug Harvey, LA Weekly 2000

De Lama Lâmina (From Mud, A Blade) was filmed during Carnival 2004 in Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. A collaboration between Barney and avant-garde musician Arto Lindsay, De Lama Lâmina is a vivid illustration of Barney’s fascination with “biomechanical erotica.” Barney calls the film, “a meditation on the creative process…a way to express a faith in the balances in nature… and through this faith being able to look at the world today without feeling hopeless.” The film’s running time is 55 minutes.

In CREMASTER 1 (1996), a platinum starlet with twin hovering Goodyear blimps builds geometric patterns from red and green grapes, mirrored by Busby Berkeley-style showgirls on the blue Astroturf field below. CREMASTER 2 (1999), a hallucinatory work featuring writer/director Matthew Barney as Western outlaw Gary Gilmore and Norman Mailer as Harry Houdini, is an eclectic mix of gender-bending sexuality and athleticism, obscure historical references, high fashion, remote locations, lush music and a range of category-defying mythopoeic imagery. The film’s running time is 120 minutes. (USA 1995/99)

An epic journey that infuses Celtic mysticism with 20th century modernism, blockbuster bombast with hermetic aesthetics. Shot at two architectural landmarks-New York’s Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum-along with locales in Ireland, Scotland and upstate New York, CREMASTER 3 follows The Entered Apprentice (Barney) as he endures torture and travails in order to ascend each building. Peopled by ogres and gangsters, chorus girls and freemasons, Barney’s bizarre universe is never less than stunning. Features appearances by sculptor Richard Serra, hardcore bands Agnostic Front and Murphy’s Law, and athlete Aimee Mullins. The film’s running time is 181 minutes. (USA, 2002)

In CREMASTER 4, a flame-haired satyr (filmmaker Matthew Barney) slowly taps his way through an eroding floor into the sea, as competing color-coded motorcycle teams set off in opposite directions to circle the Isle of Man. In CREMASTER 5, Ursula Andress (Dr. No) stars as the Queen of Chain, an audience of one for whom a lush operatic spectacle is performed by the Budapest Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra within a grand 19th century opera house, accompanied by faeries, a magician (Barney), various attendants of unspecified gender and species, and a bevy of live pigeons. The film’s running time is 98 minutes (USA, 1994/97)

Opening This Saturday: The Illustrators

Opening This Saturday July 12th 7-9PM
New Work By Nick Colen, Bailey Saliwanchik, Elianna Mesaikos and Marco DePaolis( he’s completing a nice installation in the front as well).

Show runs through July 10th.

Hours : Wed- Sunday Noon-6pm

Chelsea Mural : Caleb Neelon, Raul Gonzalez, Marc Depaolis, Kenji Nakayama

Photo by Caleb Neelon

Photo By Caleb Neelon

A couple of our friends just completed a mural in one of the rougher parts of Chelsea for the Boys and Girls Club. Caleb Neelon just completed an exhibition here at fourth wall in May, while Marco is finishing up an installation that is opening at fourth wall June 12th.

Kenji Nakayama is an artist you’ll remember from last year’s Devastate Your Real Estate Show at fourth wall. He’s currently showing Vincent Michael Gallery of Philly

Raul Gonzales also worked on the mural which marks his first effort ouside of paper and canvas.