“The History of American Graffiti”: From Subway to Gallery – PBS Interview

“The History of American Graffiti” co-authors, Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon, are featured in this video courtesy of PBS News Hour. Throughout the video they touch on subjects such as timing, inspiration, and the evolution of graffiti culture all in relation to their recently released project. Go ahead and grab your copy now in-store at Bodega and for more information on this project check out some of our previously posted material:

“The History of American Graffiti”

Caleb Neelon Interview

Karen Moss – “Dissonant Worlds” April 1st through April 26th

Karen Moss – “Dissonant Worlds” At Fourth Wall Project

Opening Reception April 1, 2011 7-9PM
Show Runs Through April 26th

Fourth Wall Project presents Dissonant Worlds, an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings by acclaimed veteran artist Karen Moss that presents large scale works focused on unsettling images of a world gone awry. The exhibition encompasses a transition in Moss’ style from human-animal hybrids inspired by vintage coloring books to depictions of real people in naturalistic settings. These narrative works depict scenes of post-apocalyptic landscapes, global warming, urban decay, eating disorders, overconsumption and war. There will be an opportunity for participants to meet the artist by appointment at the gallery and share their stories about contemporary anxieties, which could become source material for future artworks.

Karen Moss’ earliest influences were stories and illustrations found in children’s books. She is attracted to narrative and social commentary and is inspired by news items relating to problems in society. She received a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. For over 25 years she taught drawing and painting in Massachusetts institutions including Wheelock College, Massachusetts College of Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Harvard University.

Karen Moss’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is included in numerous public and private collections, such as the Graham Gund Collection, DeCordova Museum, Boston Public Library, Vassar College Art Gallery, Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

For more information, see karenmoss.com.

Gallery Hours: Tues- Friday 1-6pm Sunday 12:30-5pm.

The History Of American Graffiti

Our friend Caleb Neelon (all the artwork currently at the shop is by Caleb and and he also had a solo show at the gallery in May 2010 ) just completed a massive book. Mazel Tov!


By Roger Gastman & Caleb Neelon

Foreword by TAKI 183
Book Release Date: April 5, 2011

“‘Wild Style’ graffiti may be the most influential art movement since pop art. Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon have written the definitive history of the origins and the heritage of the graffiti styles that emerged in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles in the early 1970s and inspired young artists around the world.”
— Jeffrey Deitch, director, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

“Graffiti is a much-maligned and misunderstood social movement, which I am proud to be a part of. This book offers the definitive perspective on graffiti – finally, we have a historical textbook for the most colorful art form modern society has known.”
— David Arquette, actor

THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI (Harper Design; April 2011) is the definitive story behind the most explosive and influential art form of the last one hundred years. Unprecedented in scope, the book traces the evolution of the movement from its early freight train days to its big-city boom on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia to its modern-day influences.

Featuring interviews with more than five hundred key artists and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories gleaned from over four-years’ worth of interviews, THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI unveils the entire scope of American graffiti history, from forgotten street legends to the present-day stars: from TAKI 183 to IZ THE WIZ to SANE AND SMITH; from Barry “TWIST” McGee to REVOK; and historical figures, including for the first time, the story behind the WWII legend KILROY WAS HERE. Authors Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon provide an insider’s perspective on the most popular trends and styles that have dominated the scene for the last fifty years, revealing the story behind the culture that spawned today’s street artists.

THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI is packed with over one thousand photographs—the majority of which have never before been seen—from more than two hundred photographers, most of whom also created the artwork. The authors have spent the better part of the last four years interviewing key figures in the graffiti world throughout America—from the bedrock cities of New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to more than twenty metropolitan hotspots, including Chicago, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, and Seattle. Approximately 90 percent of the art in this book has never been published, and was sourced directly from the artists who lived the scene, giving the book a raw street vibe as authentic as the history it documents.

The foreword is by legendary graffiti artist, TAKI 183. Considered one of the founding fathers of the graffiti arts movement, TAKI 183 has never before contributed writing to any book or media article on the subject. 2011 marks the fortieth anniversary of the 1971 New York Times article written on TAKI 183, “TAKI 183 Spawns Pen Pals,” that ignited the movement in New York City and cast TAKI 183 as the world’s first famous graffiti artist.

Despite many small niche titles catering to graffiti’s practitioners, there has never been a comprehensive and accessible book that details the full history—from the 1800s to the present day—of American graffiti. THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI is unlike anything ever published before on the subject. It is the category game-changer and the ultimate word on the medium as told from the artists who created it.

Roger Gastman started writing graffiti as a teenager in Bethesda, Maryland, and was able to parlay his love for it into a legitimate career, becoming a trusted mediator between the underground art scenes and mainstream culture. A consulting producer on Banksy’s Oscar-nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop, Gastman is co-curating MoCA’s Art In the Streets exhibition in April 2011, alongside Jeffrey Deitch and Aaron Rose. He founded and published two respected pop-culture magazines—While You Were Sleeping and Swindle (co-publisher)—as well as more than a dozen highly sought-after art books. He is the founder and creative director of R. Rock Enterprises, a multi-platform media agency that specializes in print, art, design, marketing, and brand development, and has nurtured the careers of internationally recognized artists. Gastman is producing two independent documentary films, and speaks at universities and major museums across the country. Gastman currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Caleb Neelon is a writer, educator, and prolific graffiti artist who has painted the streets of over twenty countries on five continents. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Neelon is the co-author of Street World, Graffiti Brasil, and Caleb Neelon’s Book of Awesome, and he has collaborated on nearly a dozen other books. In the past five years, Caleb’s writing has frequently appeared in Print, Juxtapoz, and Swindle, where he was editor-at-large. Caleb speaks regularly at universities, international conferences, and festivals. He lives in Cambridge, MA.


By Roger Gastman & Caleb Neelon
Harper Design
April 5, 2011
ISBN: 9780061698781/$40.00

New England Art Awards Nominations

Several of Fourth Wall’s Projects and Artists have been nominated for New England Art Awards! Here’s a breakdown of our nominations that you can vote for here.


Emily Arkin, Greg Cook, Tom Spurgeon and friends “Right Thing the
Wrong Way: The Story of Highwater Books”


Jef Czekaj “Hip and Hop, Don’t Stop!”


Drawing and printmaking

Raul Gonzalez “Artadia Boston” at BCA and “Boston Related”


Public exposure (public performance, sculpture, street art, scandalous
arrest, etc.)

Caleb Neelon, Raul Gonzalez, Kenji Nakayama, and Marco
DePaolis “mural at Chelsea Boys and Girls Club”


Essay by a local writer about locally-made art

Caleb Neelon “Ten Short Memos to Young Boston Artists” New England
Journal of Aesthetic Research



Group show featuring local artists

“Boston Related” Antoniadis and Stone at 4th Wall Project


“Right Thing the Wrong Way: The Story of Highwater Books” TD Sidell,
Emily Arkin, Brooke Corey, Jef Czekaj and Greg Cook at Fourth Wall


Votes must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 25, to be counted so get crackin.

Probation Vacation Opening Saturday Jan 22nd

Fourth Wall Project Presents:
Probation Vacation: Book release and Exhibition
Opening Reception Saturday January 22nd, 7pm-10pm
Exhibition Runs through Jan 30th


Probation Vacation is the long-awaited debut book by Danielle Bremner AKA UTAH and Jim Clay Harper VI AKA ETHER. Featuring 36 high-quality offset printed pages, Probation Vacation is a collection of photographs taken from Bremner and Harper’s vast archive of rare images that, until now, have been viewed by only their closest confidants. For the first time ever, in the form of the Probation Vacation book and accompanying gallery exhibition, the general public will be granted an insider’s glimpse into the exclusive and often inaccessible world of youthful rebellion otherwise known as graffiti.

Though born and raised in Queens NY, Danielle Bremner has spent much of her life traveling and spraying her way around the globe. Well known within the graffiti world for her unique style and relentless assaults on the walls and trains of whatever city she happens to find herself in, it is only natural that Bremner began documenting the highs and lows of her and her friend’s adventures. The results of this relentless documentation have been shown at exhibitions worldwide, including AMPM Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan and The Grand Palais in Paris, France. Bremner has been featured in Subwaynet, and Incognito magazines as well as having her work spotlighted in books such as “Freight Train Graffiti”, “Graffiti NYC”, and “Graffiti Women”. Her art was also prominently displayed throughout the Beastie Boys “Ch-Check it Out” music video.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Jim Clay Harper VI has become well respected within the graffiti scene for his technical pieces on walls and trains throughout the world. Since the early 2000’s, Harper has focused his efforts on constantly evolving and refining the signature style that has gained him notoriety and acclaim amongst his peers. A graduate of Bowling Green University, Harper is also an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. His clients include Apple, Harley Davidson, Mountain Dew, Bodega, and 004connec. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Advertisement Age, Promo Magazine, Xplicit Grafx, Subwaynet, Mass Appeal and “Graffiti Planet”. He has exhibited his art locally and internationally, and has made appearances in multiple graffiti related documentaries.


Call For Entries: Say Something Poster Project.

We’re hosting this benevolent design competition at Fourth Wall Project in February. The call for artists has been out for a while but here’s the skinny from us (fatty).


The Say Something Poster Project is a poster design competition
and gallery show created to generate posters that will be donated
to The Home for Little Wanderers, (The Home) a children’s home and
orphanage in Boston, MA.

The goal of this poster project is to support The Home’s counseling
and educational efforts by reshaping their surroundings with
engaging imagery that will inspire, motivate and educate their kids.

10 winning posters along with part proceeds from poster sales will be
donated to The Home.

An Interactive Process

Poster designs will go through 3 independent rounds of judging. The
first round involves an online rating system where anyone, anywhere
in the world can rate poster designs.

The second round involves a 5 person judging panel which
includes 3 design veterans, 1 representative from The Home and 1
representative from the Massachusetts education board.

The Third and final round takes place at the show where event
attendees will use score cards to determine the 10 winners.

Voting Closes Dec 25th, so get on it!

Legal Walls At FourthWall Project

By Appointment only (to limit the amount of spray in the space at one time). Email me for appointment.

Edan’s Echo Party Screening 11/30 At Brattle Theatre

Directed by Tom Fitzgerald
Nov 30th, Brattle Theatre
Film Starts 9:30 (run time 30min approx)
Followed by Edan & Dagha Live Rapp Preformance

I put this event together with Ned (Brattle) and Edan. I hope you can make it since it’s an amazingly original work of art by a great artist.

The Onion AV Club says….

?The rapper/producer/DJ born Edan Portnoy has followed a singular path to cult semi-fame. An alumnus of Berklee College Of Music, Edan fell madly in love with hip-hop’s golden age, bringing ’88 back on his retro-minded 2002 debut, Primitive Plus. 2005’s Beauty And The Beat masterfully fused his complex rhyme schemes and vivid wordplay with late-’60s psychedelic rock. Now, the eccentric musical mastermind has returned with Echo Party, another giddy romp through hip-hop history that finds him remixing the catalog of old-school labels distributed by Traffic Entertainment, in the style of Madlib’s remix of the Blue Note catalog.
Edan once again recreates hip-hop’s past in his own image, radically reconfiguring the base elements of old-school rap—chant-along choruses, party-rocking rhymes, disco beats, harmonizing—through extensive studio trickery and live instrumentation. He plays everything from Moog to kazoo, but his favorite instrument remains the studio itself: Edan goes nuts with echo and backward effects without ever losing the beat. Echo Party doubles as an ’80s time capsule, too, with sound bites referencing everything from the Smurfs to the imminent threat of nuclear destruction. Of course, it would be nice if Edan’s first album in four years actually featured him rapping, but until he picks up the microphone again, Echo Party serves as a more-than-acceptable substitute for a proper Edan solo album.”


“A typically spaced out lyrical journey. Ninety-nine percent better than the competition” – Dazed And Confused

“Perhaps the greatest US hip-hop album you’ll hear in 2005″ – DJ

“This is a record that exults in the joy of musical creation. It should prove impossible not to love” – The Times

“Edan’s genius is schizophrenic. ‘Beauty and The Beat’ should make him a star” – Mojo

“Instead of bleating about how rap was better ‘back in the day’, Edan goes and does something constructive about improving it” – Metro

“A bewitching lesson in underground hip-hop production” – Hip-Hop Connection

“Edan has a seemingly bottomless musical curiosity… he unites old school hip-hop’s aesthetics with a previous generation’s sense of grooviness” – The Washington Post

“Impossibly ambitious, as psychedelic as Mythos, as unrelenting as the Ultramagnetic MCs, Edan is a master in possession of his own style. One of the best and most original records to come out this decade” – XLR8R

“A full tab of b-boy psychedeliaŠ a creative quantum leap forward” – XXL

“With an awe-inspiring imagination in tow, Edan drops his own magical mystery tour” – URB

“Nothing is fucking with Edan right now. ‘Beauty and the Beat’ is the best hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time” – Mass Appeal

Girls Rock Camp Fundraiser – JP Vs Somerville Dance OFF

Girls Rock Camp Fundraiser – JP Vs Somerville Dance OFF

Fourth Wall Project
132 Brookline Ave
Saturday at 8:30pm – Sunday at 1:00am

Girls Rock Camp Boston is about to put the FUN in Fundraising! Join us for a Wicked Pissah night of Dancing! Raffles! Contests! and Trash Talking!

Clear your calendar! Settle the score for an amazing cause!

Featuring DJ’s:
Mark E. Moon, Pink Sweatshirt and Linear B. vs. Just Joan and Evaredy, and Certified Max

The city that raises the most money will be named the champion! Dance style rewards will be given out by our volunteer judges!
There may even be a trophy involved!!

Girls Rock Camp Boston is…
A summer camp teaching girls aged 8-16- to learn an instrument, (guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboards), write an original song, and perform it at a rock venue- in just one week. As well as band formations, band coaching, and band practice- we also include workshops that provide leadership opportunities and the development of life skills that will continue on through generations of girls and young women throughout their lives. We also hope to cultivate a supportive association of peers and mentors through our volunteers and internships that will help motivate social change in our community.

>>Imagine the power of 50 benefit shows, one in each state, raising money and awareness for the same cause!

Girls Rock Camp Boston Presents: Jamaica Plain vs. Somerville Dance Off! is part of the 5th annual 50 Shows in 50 states fundraiser for the Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

Come out November 20, 2011 and support Girls Rock Camp Boston and the Girls Rock Camp Alliance!!

Why Benefit the Girls Rock Camp Alliance?

More and more girls rock camps are opening every year. The purpose of GRCA is to network and skill share with as many girls rock camps as possible so we can improve not only our programs and services, but increase our sustainability. Funds created from 50 Shows in 50 States go toward supporting each affiliate girls rock camp fulfill our likeminded mission of helping girls build self esteem in a positive learning environment with their peers and female musician mentors!

Caleb Neelon Interview

Caleb Neelon AKA Sonik.

Our friend Caleb is one of the most important North American Street Artists and Authors today. He is largely responsible for Os Gemeos breaking into the US via his writings in Juxtapoz, Editing at Swindle and his books. Author of Graffiti World , Graffiti Brasil, Book of Awesome, the children’s book Lilman Makes A Name For Himself and the upcoming History of American Graffiti.

Caleb speaks regularly at universities, international conferences and festivals, teaches in various capacities around the Boston area, and works in various capacities as a creative consultant, writer, and artist with various local and international corporations. He has a Masters’ in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He also exhibits his artwork all over the world.

I asked him some questions……

Mine is an income salad comprised of art, writing, and educational endeavors.


I’ve painted in a lot of places that everyone who does what I do have
painted, but my favorites have been off the beaten track. Half my
family is Nepalese, so I’ve painted in Kathmandu a bunch, and I love
that because I get to figure out how to make it work there with local
materials. This year was fun because I got to paint in Nicaragua,
China, and Spain – all very different experiences.


Childhood memory is notoriously unreliable, but I saw some pieces
around here in the middle 1980s, and I also went to New York.


I met these guys AEC and Waone from Kiev, Ukraine, while I was in
Spain recently. They are doing amazing stuff.


I love painting with anyone who gets it that this is supposed to be fun.




Kids are awesome.


People who leave everything behind to come to this country in order to
make a better life for their families and children, and anyone who
fights to punch a hole in the big lie.


I would show concern.


Ellen, Ferdinand, and music.



It’s for a hype man.




It gets better.

Caleb is currently showing these paintings at the shop:

Untitled (hand, egg building, tree, on gold) 24″x24″, 2010, $2,000

Untitled (slanty building on copper) 10″x10″, 2010, $500

Untitled (egg building with leaves on copper) 12″x12″, 2010, $600

Untitled (boat in building on gold) 10″x10″, 2010, $500

Holla at me if you want to purchase.

Also Caleb loves the following things: