Bobby From Boston

Bobby From Boston: A Documentary from Lea Winkler on Vimeo.

A nice documentary about our local vintage god & friend – Bobby From Boston. He runs the best vintage shop in the US(Esquire Magazine), located right here in Boston on Thayer St. and pretty much taught us everything to know about classic menswear.

The Point -Harry Nilsson

I always wondered where that sample from the first track of the second Blackalicious album came from. Harry Nilsson is the answer.

Bodega: Soundtrack to a Friday

From the dungeons and cavernous depths of the (in)famous Bodega basement.

Jesus and Mary ChainPsychocandy



The VerveA Storm in Heaven

RadioheadKid A

Flying LotusLos Angeles

Keep listening to the good shit.

Speak soon,
This Charming Man

Dipset Xmas!

Jim Jones – Dipset Xmas

Black friday will soon be upon us, and we all need music to shop/craft to. That’s why Dipset finally released their Reunion mixtape filled with freestyles, a Cypress Hill Black Sunday track and unintelligible drops from DJ Whiteowl.

Dipset Reunion – Download for your listening pleasure here.

Last, Oh Word found Camron’s Rhyme book a while back.

Edan’s Echo Party Screening 11/30 At Brattle Theatre

Directed by Tom Fitzgerald
Nov 30th, Brattle Theatre
Film Starts 9:30 (run time 30min approx)
Followed by Edan & Dagha Live Rapp Preformance

I put this event together with Ned (Brattle) and Edan. I hope you can make it since it’s an amazingly original work of art by a great artist.

The Onion AV Club says….

?The rapper/producer/DJ born Edan Portnoy has followed a singular path to cult semi-fame. An alumnus of Berklee College Of Music, Edan fell madly in love with hip-hop’s golden age, bringing ’88 back on his retro-minded 2002 debut, Primitive Plus. 2005’s Beauty And The Beat masterfully fused his complex rhyme schemes and vivid wordplay with late-’60s psychedelic rock. Now, the eccentric musical mastermind has returned with Echo Party, another giddy romp through hip-hop history that finds him remixing the catalog of old-school labels distributed by Traffic Entertainment, in the style of Madlib’s remix of the Blue Note catalog.
Edan once again recreates hip-hop’s past in his own image, radically reconfiguring the base elements of old-school rap—chant-along choruses, party-rocking rhymes, disco beats, harmonizing—through extensive studio trickery and live instrumentation. He plays everything from Moog to kazoo, but his favorite instrument remains the studio itself: Edan goes nuts with echo and backward effects without ever losing the beat. Echo Party doubles as an ’80s time capsule, too, with sound bites referencing everything from the Smurfs to the imminent threat of nuclear destruction. Of course, it would be nice if Edan’s first album in four years actually featured him rapping, but until he picks up the microphone again, Echo Party serves as a more-than-acceptable substitute for a proper Edan solo album.”


“A typically spaced out lyrical journey. Ninety-nine percent better than the competition” – Dazed And Confused

“Perhaps the greatest US hip-hop album you’ll hear in 2005″ – DJ

“This is a record that exults in the joy of musical creation. It should prove impossible not to love” – The Times

“Edan’s genius is schizophrenic. ‘Beauty and The Beat’ should make him a star” – Mojo

“Instead of bleating about how rap was better ‘back in the day’, Edan goes and does something constructive about improving it” – Metro

“A bewitching lesson in underground hip-hop production” – Hip-Hop Connection

“Edan has a seemingly bottomless musical curiosity… he unites old school hip-hop’s aesthetics with a previous generation’s sense of grooviness” – The Washington Post

“Impossibly ambitious, as psychedelic as Mythos, as unrelenting as the Ultramagnetic MCs, Edan is a master in possession of his own style. One of the best and most original records to come out this decade” – XLR8R

“A full tab of b-boy psychedeliaŠ a creative quantum leap forward” – XXL

“With an awe-inspiring imagination in tow, Edan drops his own magical mystery tour” – URB

“Nothing is fucking with Edan right now. ‘Beauty and the Beat’ is the best hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time” – Mass Appeal

Boston Music Awards 2010

I was recently selected to be part of the Boston Music Academy. My responsibility was deciding on nominees for the Boston Music Awards…..and the list has been posted for your voting.

Vote Here

My picks are DJ KON, Viva Viva, Banditas and Freeky Zeeky.

Also, this stuff is kinda suspect. Proof: They nominated me for Best DJ in 2008 and 2009.

Keys Open Doors: Tomorrow w/ Bladerunners, Undercover Brother, Kenny Dope

You owe it to yourself to hear some legends play records tomorrow night at Goodlife.

Also, Boston George aka 7L posted this thorough interview with Undercover Brother, one of the pioneers of Party Records.
“This Thursday November 4th, we got the years final Keys Open Doors. On board we got, ourselves, Kenny Dope, Frank White and The Undercover Brother(Nubian Crackers) playing everything ranging from breaks to House…. last time Kon brought Kenny to Boston it was one of THE best sets I’ve ever heard, so please do urself a favor and come thru. If u need Keys, please go to Uncle Pete’s at 125 Charles Street Boston, for everyone else its $10 at the door!!! As an added bonus for Keys this month, we got The Undercover Brother as a guest DJ from the Nubian Crackers. Them along with Kenny Dope, Crooklyn Clan and later Armand Van Helden, were the ‘go to’ guys in the early to mid 90′s for the hottest party/break records. I caught up with Victor (p.k.a The Undercover Brother) over the weekend to get the run down on the sometimes mysterious duo…. for as big as they were, there isn’t too much info floating around on the group. There was a time when u where in any club and the DJ was rocking “Two for the Time” or “Test The Rocket Launcha”, if u listened to any NY Hip Hop radio in the 90′s the mc’s would most likely be rocking over one of the many volumes of Cracker Beats, be it Red Alert,Awesome Two or Stretch Armstrong. I distinctly remember telling my boy Trevor aka Kamra back in 93, that I just want to be able to make Records like the Nubian Crackers and I’ll be happy…..

DJ 7L : When did you and Prince Quick Mix (the other Nubian Cracker) link up?

Undercover Brother : I’ve known PQM (Prince Quick Mix) from when he was in this dj group called Knights of the Turntables with DJ Baby D and Apache. He’s a bit older than me, they had all this equipment and breaks, I was like 8 or 9 at the time, one day Apache (who was my neighbor) started playing breaks, and I was amazed. At the time I played drums, so hearing these breaks I was all about it! So as time went on I started hanging around with PQM, and he started making ‘pause tapes’… he was crazy with the pause button, he had the best deck with the cleanest pause button… u had to get the right deck back then to catch the beats right, but he was so good with it… Influenced by the 3 of them I started to DJ and a little later I began to produce beats and work with a local MC named Sadiq, using a 4 Track Set Up and an SP 1200… as time went on me and PQM started working more and more together, til finally it was just us all the time… making demo’s,messing with beats… and of course record shopping.”

Rest of the interview here at the Bladerunners Blog.


A shrine I made to Neil Diamond in 2004.

Check his resume. I think he’s gonna be big.

Awards for Neil Diamond
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Award of Merit
American Music Awards
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Best Album of Original Score written for a Motion Picture or Television Special
Grammy Awards
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Best Engineered Recording
Grammy Awards
Neil Diamond Nominations
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
International Male Solo Artist
BRIT Awards
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Traditional Pop Performance
Grammy Awards
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Album of the Year
Grammy Awards
SONG : Song Sung Blue Lyrics
Record of the Year
Grammy Awards
SONG : Song Sung Blue Lyrics
Song of the Year
Grammy Awards
SONG : Stones Lyrics
Best Engineered Recording
Grammy Awards
SONG : I Am I Said Lyrics
Pop Male Vocalist
Grammy Awards
ARTIST : Neil Diamond Lyrics
Best Engineered Recording
Grammy Awards

Whatup Scumbags? Fedavees Tonight

Johnny Allen’s tape project fedavees comes to life tonight at Great Scott. I’m doing his video art at the show as well as Electric Zeus’. DIY rock n roll at it’s finest. Hold your head, punch the bouncer, pogo & shoegaze to your heart’s content. Fuck Yeah!

Listen to fedavees here(also available as a casette tape only). This is a 4 track masterpiece w/ Johnny playing all instruments in his living room.
Also, He’s my favorite photographer & we are in a crew named the Nutty Buddies.

That Guy Makes Nice Sweaters

That dude in the peach colored suit walked me and Leo through his streetwear line in Vegas. He also signed my desk. I fully endorse Pusha T for president. Playcloths SP11 looks solid.