Malice(Clipse) Booksigning @ Bodega This Thurs 4-6pm Aug 11th

Malice of The Clipse

Signing his new book

“Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked”

This Thursday , August 11th.  4pm-6pm @ Bodega

We’ve been a big fan of the Clipse since the days of Gucci Chuck Taylors with the dragon on  the side.   Since then, we’ve supported their Playcloths Clothing line, and have had them to Bodega  whenever they are in town.

This Thursday(Aug 11, 4-6pm), Malice  (Gene Elliot Thornton, Jr.) of the Clipse will return to sign copies of his new book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked”.

“Wretched…tells of my highest highs and my lowest lows. It speaks of my childhood, family life, and life in the industry.” – Malice

If you have any questions please feel free to email us

Anorak Shots

Earlier this week we caught wind of Luke Wright’s shots of our Oxford Lined Anorak via Twitter. Luke is a student at the University of Brighton and copped this piece from our Brighton, UK account holder Below Store.  Have to give credit where credit is due, the shots came out great so big ups to him! Check out the all of these shots and more of Luke Wright’s work on his blog:

Sorry For The Wait

A Lil’ while back, Marissa Flores (stylist for Lil Wayne) came by and picked up a bunch of Bedwin pieces.

On Lil’ Wayne’s recent stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania he was spotted rocking “The Kids Tee” that I did with help from Ed Cabrera. If you like what you see check out the stock in our web shop here.

Ray Allen PE Jordan XIII Charity Auction

Bodega is raising funds for Ray Allen’s Ray of Hope Foundation with a charity auction featuring a rare pair of the Ray Allen Player Edition- Jordan Retro XIII shoes, autographed by Mr. Allen himself.  The pair up for auction is a US 10.5, and 100% of the proceeds are going to the Ray of Hope Foundation.

Established in 1997, the “Ray of Hope Foundation” strives to present equal opportunities to children through community programming and sports related activities. In addition to independent structuring of programs, Ray of Hope has assisted national organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, and AAU Sports Programs in the cities of Milwaukee, Seattle, and Boston. (To learn more head over to: Ray of Hope Foundation Facebook Page.)

AUCTION ENDS JULY 29th AT 6:30PM EST, any questions please
Auction is hosted here:
Signed Ray Allen PE Jordan XIII Auction…

Dime x Bodega x King of The Rock

Our good friends at Dime Magazine and Redbull put together another national street ball competition – King of the Rock – with finals at Alcatraz.   Boston’s tournament is coming up August 14th.

Pat from Dime asked us to do a tee for the tournament. What do you think?

Dead Man Retro Tee Release- Sat 6.25

Memories lurk everywhere in the basement of bodega. We came across our first season of tees from five years ago and unearthed the dated Mars Deadman Tee that came out back in the day … I did this one with help from Winston & Julia

We decided to listen to some smarter friends and do another run of the Mars Deadman tee as part of our five year anniversary projects.

This saturday, 6.25.11, we are releasing the retro tee online and instore. It retails for $35 and comes with a keychain pictured.

Nike X Bodega Launch Party 5.26.11

Bodega X Nike / 5th Anniversary Party

@ Fourth Wall Project -

132 Brookline Ave.  Boston MA

Thursday, May 26th (8-11pm)

Art Installation By: Project SF.

Sounds By:  J Rocc (Stones Throw/ Beat Junkies)

Flavorheard(Whiskey Barons)



Kidrobot x Marka27

Our friend Marka is doing a big release with Kidrobot.
Over the next three days Kidrobot will be hosting in store signings with artist MARKA27 for their recent collaborative effort, the 8″ Shadow Serpent Dunny. Starting today, MARKA27 will be present at the Kidrobot location in SoHo from 6-8pm. For the tail end of this micro tour he will head out to Kidrobot’s retail locations in Los Angeles (April 21st) and San Francisco (April 22nd.) This release marks the first 8″ Dunny for MARKA27 with Kidrobot and is limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide. Each of these pieces feature 3 decorative mini speakers extending from the head, 2 screenprinted speakers placed on the front and back of the body, and design inspiration stemming from MARKA27′s Mexican heritage. The Kidrobot x MARKA27 8″ Shadow Serpent Dunny will be made available April 21st at a retail price of $70. For more information on the event and product release check out

Bodega X Reebok Nightsky

Coming off his recent success, Terry’s gone all Mr. Outdoorsman on us and decided to take a little trip up north. Sneaker Freaker Magazine got a hold of his “Designer’s Log” — chocked full of completely illegible journal entries detailing his strenuous quest.


03/20, 20:14
Alive and Deliverance are buffering right now on YouTube. Per recommendations from industry reps, I will watch them and hope to be inspired.
[EDIT:] Just finished the movies, and my mind is officially blown. I will ride my bike to the Eddie Bauer Outlet tomorrow to get some gear and prepare. Am I ready for the outdoors? Or is the outdoors ready for me?

03/21, 15:33
Showed up a few hours late to work ‘cause I had to go to the EB Outlet. Sometimes people just don’t understand what it takes. People at the shop are saying they’re sick of me, so they want me to head up to the mountains and field test my Night Sky boots.

03/22, 09:36
The ascent begins…

03/22, 09:45
I’ve bunkered down and established base camp. This tent got tricky on me, but I figured it out. My boots and rations should hold me over for now…
[EDIT:] I definitely didn’t pack enough food. I need to look for some vegetation.

03/22, 11:53
Found something edible at the base of a tree. Looked like one of my snacks… almost like a Twinkie.

03/22, 13:??
Not sure if I’m seeing things, but I definitely saw a wolverine chasing a copperhead snake. My mouth is so dry. I want to go find my spirit animal. I wish I had my Xbox up here. I feel like my tent was a different color earlier. Am I in someone else’s tent?

03/22, ??:??
These birds outside are killing my high. Why does nature hate me?

03/22, ??:??
Found what looks like a squirrel next to my tent. I made a piece out of it since I forgot some necessities back in reality. I’m pretty sure that’s what my spirit animal would want me to do.

03/23, 07:24
What the hell happened yesterday? It must’ve been that Twinkie I found. I need to fight my way off this mountain. I can’t be up here another night.

Bodega is proud to announce the release of the Bodega x Reebok Night Sky. Each pair of shoes will come with a matching tee and water bottle. Field tested by Bodega’s quasi-intern Terry Blay, the boots have been affectionately named the “Nappy Dugouts” referring to the deep shaggy “muppet skin” suede. The “Nappy Dugouts” also feature fast gripping gum sole, alpine-style quick lacing system, and rip stop paneling throughout the body. This limited release will be made available at Bodega on Saturday, April 16th 2011. The shoes retail for $135 and can be purchased both in-store and online at The “Nappy Dugouts” will go live online at midnight, Saturday, the 16th.

ACRONYM – SS11 At Bodega


ACRONYM® SET-1>4 [LFDB] from ACRNM on Vimeo.

ACRONYM® Acronymjutsu [LFDB] from ACRNM on Vimeo.

A couple videos our friends at Acronym displaying their most recent designs.