Keys Open Doors: Tomorrow w/ Bladerunners, Undercover Brother, Kenny Dope

You owe it to yourself to hear some legends play records tomorrow night at Goodlife.

Also, Boston George aka 7L posted this thorough interview with Undercover Brother, one of the pioneers of Party Records.
“This Thursday November 4th, we got the years final Keys Open Doors. On board we got, ourselves, Kenny Dope, Frank White and The Undercover Brother(Nubian Crackers) playing everything ranging from breaks to House…. last time Kon brought Kenny to Boston it was one of THE best sets I’ve ever heard, so please do urself a favor and come thru. If u need Keys, please go to Uncle Pete’s at 125 Charles Street Boston, for everyone else its $10 at the door!!! As an added bonus for Keys this month, we got The Undercover Brother as a guest DJ from the Nubian Crackers. Them along with Kenny Dope, Crooklyn Clan and later Armand Van Helden, were the ‘go to’ guys in the early to mid 90′s for the hottest party/break records. I caught up with Victor (p.k.a The Undercover Brother) over the weekend to get the run down on the sometimes mysterious duo…. for as big as they were, there isn’t too much info floating around on the group. There was a time when u where in any club and the DJ was rocking “Two for the Time” or “Test The Rocket Launcha”, if u listened to any NY Hip Hop radio in the 90′s the mc’s would most likely be rocking over one of the many volumes of Cracker Beats, be it Red Alert,Awesome Two or Stretch Armstrong. I distinctly remember telling my boy Trevor aka Kamra back in 93, that I just want to be able to make Records like the Nubian Crackers and I’ll be happy…..

DJ 7L : When did you and Prince Quick Mix (the other Nubian Cracker) link up?

Undercover Brother : I’ve known PQM (Prince Quick Mix) from when he was in this dj group called Knights of the Turntables with DJ Baby D and Apache. He’s a bit older than me, they had all this equipment and breaks, I was like 8 or 9 at the time, one day Apache (who was my neighbor) started playing breaks, and I was amazed. At the time I played drums, so hearing these breaks I was all about it! So as time went on I started hanging around with PQM, and he started making ‘pause tapes’… he was crazy with the pause button, he had the best deck with the cleanest pause button… u had to get the right deck back then to catch the beats right, but he was so good with it… Influenced by the 3 of them I started to DJ and a little later I began to produce beats and work with a local MC named Sadiq, using a 4 Track Set Up and an SP 1200… as time went on me and PQM started working more and more together, til finally it was just us all the time… making demo’s,messing with beats… and of course record shopping.”

Rest of the interview here at the Bladerunners Blog.

Djing tonight at Rogue Burlesque

I’m resident DJ for Rogue Burlesque. Its a GLBT friendly vaudeville and burlesque show every 2nd wednesday at the middlesex. Guests have ranged from comedians, magicians, belly dancers, tranny showgirls, and there’s audience competitions every show. We’ve become a family over the past year and I’m proud to call Dixie Douya, Busty Keaton, Miss Sassypants, Lilly Bordeaux, Liz Fang & the rest of the hot to def crew my extended family.

This show is Lucky 13!

Come cheer on these newbies as they compete to win $50 and a chance to perform with Rogue Burlesque!

Wednesday, October 13
Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge
Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. Cover: $5

Judges: Johnny Blazes, Jenny Jewels, Ms. Sassypants and YOU! (our esteemed audience)
There will be a Boston Burlyq Beginners Meetup at 7:30, preceding the competition.
Special Guest: JahRaj the Man Schwa

Party info here

MFA Lecture Series

Ran into the upcoming painter Raul Gonzalez this morning. He’s doing some lectures at MFA…. but not these ones.

The MFA Invites You
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is proud to present the 2010–2011 Shapiro Celebrity Lecture Series. Be sure to purchase tickets early—each series has been a sold-out success.

September 29 and 30: Matthew Weiner, award-winning creator and producer of Mad Men. Sold out—s

October 13 and 14: renowned artist Chuck Close
October 27: iconic modern dance choreographer Paul Taylor
February 9 and 10: Mark Bittman, one of America’s foremost voices on food and cooking
March 2 and 3: best-selling author Julia Alvarez
April 13: Emmy-winning filmmaker Ken Burns

Hey Jake Burton, Thanks!

Went to Jake Burton’s(Burton Snowboards) crib saturday for his annual house party. Lotsa international heads and a family vibe – this was possibly the best company party you could throw. We got utterly destroyed at foozball, by a middle aged Vermont couple out for blood. Yes, he does have an underground tunnel linking his house to the barn that you skateboard down. Got me excited to visit Stowe as more snow falls.

Also, Burlington rulez.

Jake, I hope you got the thank you note me and Danielle left for you in the wood oven. One love.

Art Summit in Maine

york beeech

The most important summit of art directors in North America took place this past weekend (possibly an overstatment) in Maine with a party dog named Gus. Friends with You, Freegums, David Choe , Jen Stark, Nick Z , Oh Wow Gallery, NY & LA affiilates, and our crew headed up north to eat french fries, shop for books and play cards. Sam’s 30th birthday was celebrated and friendships solidified.

It’s really inspiring to see how art can free people. These tribes just travel the earth creating installations with each other and share a glimpse of their world each time the touch the land.

Rumors of a giant Hello Kitty ride, a Neckface Halloween show in Miami and a four armed grimace doll have surfaced. Many thanks to the whole gang that hosted- especially the kind hearted soul of Judd Katz from Crispin Porter + Bogunsky.

jen stark!
friends with you bounce house in vegas rite now ….de la soulllll is dere

Diggers With Gratitude 2


Some of NYC’s best DJ’s join together for Kon’s fundraiser at Santo’s Party House.

Acclaimed DJ, legendary digger and our good friend Kon (of Kon & Amir fame) has been hospitalized lately which has left his pockets flat, not fat. Come out and celebrate helping the homie out, with some of New York’s illest DJs. On the set:


Come and Support a brother in arms whose numerous contributions to society have kept asses moving, souls soaring, and panties dropping.

Diggers With Gratitude

dj kon flyer

Diggers with Gratitude……

I just designed the flyer for my homey DJ Kon’s fundraiser(and i’m also playing it)

In case you didn’t know already, every Boston DJ’s favorite DJ has been in and out of the hospital and unable to play his gigs for the last few weeks. Since Kon DJs for a living NO GIGS = NO INCOME!! A few of us have already donated money from gigs to
Kon, but now it’s time for everyone to step up for a great DJ and an even better friend…


EVERY PENNY GOES TO KON + you get to hear Kon
inspired music from Amir, Supreme One, 7L, Ms Thang, Gucci Vuiton & Soul Clap!!!

If you cannot attend or want to donate more money you can send via paypal to

Some Masterful Kon mixes here.

Just added :::: Amir from Waxpoetics/ Kon& Amir/ King of digging
Event info here

Our homies Flavorheard just released a fresh mix – download here - filled with afro-latin funk. They also did a 12″ release of some tracks available here:

Whiskey Barons 12″ for purchase

And here’s a freebie for you that reminds me of some Mark Ronson edit…

etta james – 7 day fool (whiskey barons edit)

And tomorrow is a big bike event…..

REG: 1:00PM @ the Fenway Track

RACE: 2:00PM – 6:00PM

BBQ: Columbus Park, South Boston 6:00PM – 9:00PM – FREE with a spokecard, $5 without. ALL YOU CAN EAT (til we run out of course). we will be awarding the prizes for the winners of the race and also holding bicycle-specific side games.

I’ll be DJing the afterparty….

AFTERPARTY: @ Allston Community Darkroom (formerly Blue Zebra) – 119 Braintree Street, Suite 208 in Allston – with DJ Ghostdad/DJ Gucci Vuitton/DJ Mayhem – 9:00PM – ???

Event info here.

Last, Prints of the Rare Rap 12″ poster are going quick – great design by Diggers with Gratitude

The Spirit of ’68

children in jakarta celebrate obama's victory

The entire world celebrates a new day for America. Heads are popping champagne like we just won a championship ring. I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who voted in Massachusetts to eliminate dog racing in 2010 and no longer prosecute cannibus sativa as a criminal enterprise. And to those in Cali who had the opportunity to name a waste treatment facility in honor of George W Bush….damn, Cali gets to vote on everything!

I’ve been laid out with shingles/adult chicken pox since the Palin nomination for VP. Since that time, we’ve witnessed an entire change of consciousness of the American Electorate -all triggered by the collapse of Reaganomics and the Bush Doctrine. People everywhere in the states are discussing politics – a stark contrast from the previous 8 years, when it was safer to just bury your head in the sand, for better or worse. Things were just too ugly to deal with. But one of the cornerstone of strong democracy is debate amongst the electorate. That was a huge change and a revolution has begun.

The people have sided with Hope and rejected the politics of division and hate.

The world rejoices, and welcomes America back. I can go back to working towards better design for the world now that my nerves are settled.

Signs that Recession Has Hit Your Hood:

  • Bodegas raise the prices on quarter water to 35cent.
  • Quality of life crimes go unprosecuted – homeless aren’t harassed
  • There’s no money for the buff of graffiti.
  • Drug laws become more liberal

Summit in Japan

crew deep

Went to Japan with FMK(viva viva), JSN, and Pres of Oh W.O.W. to holler at our Sapporo and Tokyo family.

Verbal of M-flow / teriyaki boyz served us cake.

We had a dance off with Exile

Finally Built a synthesizer and theremin

went disco bowling with Takayo of Yone’s camp and Thunderbirds

Yone found us the best sake in japan

Picked up a couple records

Found peace in the middle of chaos

Scared the crap out of the honeyee door guy

Made friends with underlings

Outdrank Oi punks from the erections

Back home safe, but jetlagged. Thank you Fumkia and Jsn and Sapporo Family, Takayo, Yone, Chie, Kojiro, JJ, Lin, Shinchi, and the rest of Japan.