Top 50 Opinion Leaders – SIZE Magazine

How did I end up on the list of top 50 opinion leaders around the globe in a Chinese lifestyle magazine?

Also on the list: Nigo, Tet, Shinsuke Takizawa(NBHD), Kevin Poon (CLOT), Scott Sasso(10deep), Kazuki(fragment), Endo (devilock), Jose Parla, Madsaki, Dr. Romanelli, Keiichi Nitta, Michael Lau, Masta Lee(Patta) & a couple other dudeskis. Also, notice in Tom from Clot’s photo, there’s two bodega stickers on his laptop.


Press: Bodega in ShoesUp Paris

Merci à nos amis de Shoesup Paris!!

Frank 151 Feature

Backpocket cool dude magazine Frank151 recently featured the shop in their Summer Fashion show issue. It’s an interview with Dan, and he gets into the origins, philosophy and current-whashappenings of Bodega.

Frank151: Tell us about the history of your store.
Bodega: Bodega this May will be four years old. Myself and my two other partners, Jay and Oliver, about five years ago we hated our jobs and wanted to pursue something that we had an interest in, which was niche market retailing. In Boston there was no store like this and we wanted to create a unique retail experience where the consumer could come in, find product that they wouldn’t find everywhere and just have a different and very eclectic experience compared to what is traditionally done. Our main goal was to have it operate off of word of mouth – we have no phone, no sign. We just kinda wanted to be like a speak-easy. The reason that we based it off a bodega is because traditionally, the bodega is the centre of the neighborhood, it also doubles as a social club or a weed spot, it’s multipurpose. So when we created the space, we wanted there to be a traditional bodega setting when you come in, and then in the back there’d be the secret retail area, you’d have that juxtaposition of spaces.

Read the rest here

Best Gallery Of Boston 2010

The Improper Bostonian just named us the Best Gallery of Boston for 2010! And our shop Bodega was also named Best Sneakers as well. Thank you to everyone who has helped over the past year – the honor comes as quite a shock as well as a humbling recognition of what we do. To the artists, volunteers, interns and everyone who has ever helped us – this award is because of you!

Top 50 Shops -Dime Magazine

dime mag

Dime magazine recently leaked their list of the top 50 sneaker shops in the world. Click here to see if your favorite shop make the list.

Also, just wanted to shout out the allmighty nike for seeding me with some new prototypes. Keep the heat coming….

A Couple Flyers

weekly dig remix issue launch w/ jayceeoh, kon & vuitton, mr matt & ghostdad.

Sometimes when you answer an interview, you know what quote they’re going to pull and put in blockquotes. The Weekly Dig recently surveyed a bunch of crews – bladerunners, bruno, jayceeoh, kon, fully fitted – about what makes a good remix and they pulled the following quote from me regarding the johnny blaze mix called “black sheep”

it sounds like a unicorn giving birth to rainbows while in the backseat of a cadillac going 95 mpg through harlem

anyways, we’re playing the release party for this issue…

My homeys Kon and the Bodega Girls are playing this Sat w/ Peanut Butter Wolf For free…free dranks also

And Pete the dude's sneaker pimps tour is coming Saturday as well....all ages.