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nick z painting

images courtesy of Josh Falk

New work – also the name of a brilliant new line by A-ron – is up at the bodega – a mural by Nick Z whose 08 show with Kai Altoff was in art forum’s top 10 shows…. The mural coincides with Nick Z’s upcoming solo show at our gallery space - fourthwallproject . More on that closer to the opening on June 27th. Josh Falk, who’s flickr photos i pillaged above , just recently took down his solo show at the dope dope corduroy boutique in portland..

both Nick Z and Josh Falk are members of the uber talented crew Project SF which includes sooo many talented heads in the sneaker game.

Also, we made number 6 in the top 10 sneaker shops in the world.
#1 was UNDFTD!!! but I can’t believe they left Limited edition barcelona off the list…

The homeboy who wrote the article is working on an illustrated tribute to Sneaker Culture called “Sole Sketch Exhibition”. Hit him up at with suggestions for models that you’d like to see included in the exhibition.

Also, we somehow ended up in Wale’s video for chillin (ft. lady gaga)…. been getting steady burn on the tele , but I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. Was dope to talk with the director Chris Robinson about how he leveraged his directing work into hyping his robot films clothing line just by dropping logo tees into videos… I’m surprised we don’t see more Violette in Vashtie’s work….but the since I’m seeing it so she doesn’t even need to do that.

stuff i consumed

Mindfield Skate Video Premier At Fourth Wall Project

One night only!

Worst/Best Of All Time

freestyle, art of rhyme


I met the filmakers behind the excellent indie documentary Freestyle: the art of rhyme in 2002 when backpackers still had some semblance of record sales -Def Jux was laying down bladerunner beats topped with innovative eMCees(cold vein deserved 10 mics) and not yet an overstuffed roster of C- talent, soundbombing 2 was still fresh in memory, Dan the Automator was churning out diverse projects(w/ Mike Patton!?), Kid Koala was writing a book,…. before dilla became an above ground legend and heads were open enough for a label like anticon to have success.   

Kevin Fitzgerald (aka DJ Organic) had been filming and editing the project for 8-10years at this point and he was travelling the world screening one of the many final edits.   I helped him out with the Boston screening and I want to say Thank You for letting me assist in his amazing labor of love.

The Film’s centerpiece is the (arguably best)battle between Supernatural and Craig G at the now legendary Lyricists Lounge (video below, complete w/ Sir Bobbito intro).



I now present to you,  my pick for BOTH the BEST AND WORST Freestyle Battle of All time:


if you got through that,  here’s the remix


and the milli remix


spotted by Greg of MISHKA .  

Eli obviously has physical disability ( MC Envy says he “should stop rapping and stick to walking cripple”),  he falters  for a painful silence, but when the beat comes back in, he comes HARD with two of the best punchlines I’ve ever heard in a freestyle  - “You like Rosie Odonell at a bisexual bridal shower.”   That is tenacity – to come from so far behind, drop all your shit on the floor, entirely lose your flow and then just come back swinging with elbows and uppercuts until the opponent is dead.   That’s why this is the best freestyle battle of all time.