Soulwax – Introversey

Radio Soulwax was one of my favorite mixtapes series. Created by brothers David and Stephan Dewaele currently known as 2ManyDJs.  In the early 2000′s you could only grab copies of the series from Other Music for $18. Soulwax quickly became a sought after remix duo working with everybody in the underground club scene.   The most recent project from these two Belgian natives uses visuals created from  a collection of animated record covers all firing in sync with the continuously looping mix work.   The loop is currently six hours long, but starting on July 4th one hour of new material per week will be added until it lasts a day’s length. Check out “INTROVERSY,” a trailer of sorts that is now on loop over at

Wu-Wear Promo circa ’94

This video was promotional material for Wu-Wear back in ’94, swarm of killer bees turned entrepreneurs.  For all of you who didn’t know, street-wear brand Rocksmith has resurrected the Wu-Wear Empire, collaborating with the group on a present day line that you can find in-store here at Bodega.  Catch a couple pieces from the collection.


UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

This documentary captures the life of artists whose work consists of hand painting large scale advertisements in New York City – former Employee of the Month – Ether worked for Colossal Media a couple years back. They use the grid system to quickly bang out hand painted sides of buildings. Unfortunately for them the craft is slowly losing traction due to companies finding more efficient methods such as printing and hanging vinyl substitutes.  Props to the folks behind this, shedding light on a dimension of life that is all too often overlooked by the public. Learn more about this project at

Concept: Mother NY; Production Co: Mekanism; Director/DP/Editor: Malcolm Murray; Music by The Album Leaf; Painters: Colossal Media/Sky High Murals/Bob Middleton; Presented by Stella Artois.


Not sure how you would go about categorizing the genius of Hennessy Youngman. He’s probably the most original voice exploring and deconstructing the artworld. Shout out to Nick Z for blessing us.

Edan’s Echo Party Screening 11/30 At Brattle Theatre

Directed by Tom Fitzgerald
Nov 30th, Brattle Theatre
Film Starts 9:30 (run time 30min approx)
Followed by Edan & Dagha Live Rapp Preformance

I put this event together with Ned (Brattle) and Edan. I hope you can make it since it’s an amazingly original work of art by a great artist.

The Onion AV Club says….

?The rapper/producer/DJ born Edan Portnoy has followed a singular path to cult semi-fame. An alumnus of Berklee College Of Music, Edan fell madly in love with hip-hop’s golden age, bringing ’88 back on his retro-minded 2002 debut, Primitive Plus. 2005’s Beauty And The Beat masterfully fused his complex rhyme schemes and vivid wordplay with late-’60s psychedelic rock. Now, the eccentric musical mastermind has returned with Echo Party, another giddy romp through hip-hop history that finds him remixing the catalog of old-school labels distributed by Traffic Entertainment, in the style of Madlib’s remix of the Blue Note catalog.
Edan once again recreates hip-hop’s past in his own image, radically reconfiguring the base elements of old-school rap—chant-along choruses, party-rocking rhymes, disco beats, harmonizing—through extensive studio trickery and live instrumentation. He plays everything from Moog to kazoo, but his favorite instrument remains the studio itself: Edan goes nuts with echo and backward effects without ever losing the beat. Echo Party doubles as an ’80s time capsule, too, with sound bites referencing everything from the Smurfs to the imminent threat of nuclear destruction. Of course, it would be nice if Edan’s first album in four years actually featured him rapping, but until he picks up the microphone again, Echo Party serves as a more-than-acceptable substitute for a proper Edan solo album.”


“A typically spaced out lyrical journey. Ninety-nine percent better than the competition” – Dazed And Confused

“Perhaps the greatest US hip-hop album you’ll hear in 2005″ – DJ

“This is a record that exults in the joy of musical creation. It should prove impossible not to love” – The Times

“Edan’s genius is schizophrenic. ‘Beauty and The Beat’ should make him a star” – Mojo

“Instead of bleating about how rap was better ‘back in the day’, Edan goes and does something constructive about improving it” – Metro

“A bewitching lesson in underground hip-hop production” – Hip-Hop Connection

“Edan has a seemingly bottomless musical curiosity… he unites old school hip-hop’s aesthetics with a previous generation’s sense of grooviness” – The Washington Post

“Impossibly ambitious, as psychedelic as Mythos, as unrelenting as the Ultramagnetic MCs, Edan is a master in possession of his own style. One of the best and most original records to come out this decade” – XLR8R

“A full tab of b-boy psychedeliaŠ a creative quantum leap forward” – XXL

“With an awe-inspiring imagination in tow, Edan drops his own magical mystery tour” – URB

“Nothing is fucking with Edan right now. ‘Beauty and the Beat’ is the best hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time” – Mass Appeal

Video Odyssey


police training

Indian Judo

Japanese TMNT

Wicker Re-make

Bad Lieutenant Re-Make

For the Koreans


Tuesday Videos

Sadat X - “Funk Dat”

Weird Al -“Fat”

Bad Brains – “Banned in DC (CBGB’s 1982)”

Misfits – “Hybrid Moments”

Bob Marley – “Forever Loving Jah”


Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

Get Dealt With!

History of Graffiti: DIRTY THIRTY CREW from Kane One on Vimeo.

All videos spotted by Smart Crew USA.

That Guy Makes Nice Sweaters

2010 MTV Video Music AwardsMore VMA Video

That dude in the peach colored suit walked me and Leo through his streetwear line in Vegas. He also signed my desk. I fully endorse Pusha T for president. Playcloths SP11 looks solid.

Writetoeat x Weezer x Snuggie

Universal Records was kind enough to send me one of these Weezer Snuggies. Best promo item ever. I can now hold a baby while watching tv on the couch and still carve a pumpkin AT THE SAME TIME.

Great promo video as well.