A Couple Flyers

weekly dig remix issue launch w/ jayceeoh, kon & vuitton, mr matt & ghostdad.

Sometimes when you answer an interview, you know what quote they’re going to pull and put in blockquotes. The Weekly Dig recently surveyed a bunch of crews – bladerunners, bruno, jayceeoh, kon, fully fitted – about what makes a good remix and they pulled the following quote from me regarding the johnny blaze mix called “black sheep”

it sounds like a unicorn giving birth to rainbows while in the backseat of a cadillac going 95 mpg through harlem

anyways, we’re playing the release party for this issue…

My homeys Kon and the Bodega Girls are playing this Sat w/ Peanut Butter Wolf For free…free dranks also

And Pete the dude's sneaker pimps tour is coming Saturday as well....all ages.

Basement Show In The Gallery

jesse's records

Amazing album cover from Mickey Moonlight on Ed Banger. SoMe’s art direction is such large reason for the label’s success!

Sat in with Jesse from Apollo Sunshine for his early DJ gig at the Middlesex the othernight… hipped me to a Mickey Moonlight version of Sun Ra’s interplanetary music….

Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music from T.A.M. Corp. on Vimeo.

Jesse learned his way around the turntables from Edan the Humble Magnificent , who coincidentally just got his own radio show for download here. Odd thing about this city, Edan was Wire Magazine’s Hip Hop artist of 2005, but still didn’t have a following here…. Still the only emcee I’ve seen who could juggle two records with one hand and hold the mic & rhyme with the other hand (although I hear J-live can do it).

We bounced out to check the ICA Experiment with Dan Deacon. It was originally going to be outdoors, but the weather didn’t hold out. The video /perfomance by Ultimate Reality was really dope, but technical problems during Deacon’s set turned the show into a great big ball of suck Bostonist has a pretty good review of the soundsystem debacle and why it was ultimately big swindle.

  • Matthew Africa is giving away his Best of DJ Quik Mixtape here.
  • Got caught up with every album of 2008 by streaminghere. Heads were right about the fleet foxes album being aiiight.
  • Future superproducer Natural Curezjust posted some new tracks… Them arrangements need more tension & release!
  • The Selvedge Yard picks mid century design classics… Jens Risom’s prefabricated vacation house is a must have.
  • Our homie Jamie from Stones Throw records has brought in crazy talent to the summer sunday LA series the Do Over. Great live sets from PBW, Rhettmatic, Dam Funk, Adam12, Neil Armstrong, Nu-Mark , Mike B and Cosmo Baker all catalogued for downloading pleasure.
  • Free sticker printing!?
  • Hey Berlin, our friend Ivo Gretner has a solo show opening June 19th at PM Galerie.

New Work . Top Ten

nick z painting

images courtesy of Josh Falk

New work – also the name of a brilliant new line by A-ron – is up at the bodega – a mural by Nick Z whose 08 show with Kai Altoff was in art forum’s top 10 shows…. The mural coincides with Nick Z’s upcoming solo show at our gallery space - fourthwallproject . More on that closer to the opening on June 27th. Josh Falk, who’s flickr photos i pillaged above , just recently took down his solo show at the dope dope corduroy boutique in portland..

both Nick Z and Josh Falk are members of the uber talented crew Project SF which includes sooo many talented heads in the sneaker game.

Also, we made number 6 in the top 10 sneaker shops in the world.
#1 was UNDFTD!!! but I can’t believe they left Limited edition barcelona off the list…

The homeboy who wrote the article is working on an illustrated tribute to Sneaker Culture called “Sole Sketch Exhibition”. Hit him up at thestreetpulse.com with suggestions for models that you’d like to see included in the exhibition.

Also, we somehow ended up in Wale’s video for chillin (ft. lady gaga)…. been getting steady burn on the tele , but I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. Was dope to talk with the director Chris Robinson about how he leveraged his directing work into hyping his robot films clothing line just by dropping logo tees into videos… I’m surprised we don’t see more Violette in Vashtie’s work….but the since I’m seeing it so she doesn’t even need to do that.

stuff i consumed

Summit in Japan

crew deep

Went to Japan with FMK(viva viva), JSN, and Pres of Oh W.O.W. to holler at our Sapporo and Tokyo family.

Verbal of M-flow / teriyaki boyz served us cake.

We had a dance off with Exile

Finally Built a synthesizer and theremin

went disco bowling with Takayo of Yone’s camp and Thunderbirds

Yone found us the best sake in japan

Picked up a couple records

Found peace in the middle of chaos

Scared the crap out of the honeyee door guy

Made friends with underlings

Outdrank Oi punks from the erections

Back home safe, but jetlagged. Thank you Fumkia and Jsn and Sapporo Family, Takayo, Yone, Chie, Kojiro, JJ, Lin, Shinchi, and the rest of Japan.